Buy a New house – Useful Tips

You have already decided that you are ready to have your own home. How do you decide in which neighborhood and what property to buy? Keep in mind the following.


“Location, location, and location again” – this is the prime priority of raising the price of a property – even if you are to settle for a property that is near a big airport or busy highway, it is likely that future buyers will not do so and your home will stand on the market.

Quarter and quality of life

Is there an active public association in the neighborhood? Do people renovate their homes and invest in the area? Are there good state schools (this is also a factor in rising property prices) and nice restaurants and supermarkets nearby? If the area is urban, can there be parking spaces on the street?


Calculate how much you can afford to pay per month for payments on mortgage loans, as well as how much you can pay in cash as a down payment, and do not forget to calculate the cost of transfer of ownership (about 2 to 3 percent of the purchase price depending where do you live). Choose a price class that is in your power.


How big a home do you need? Do not aim for your home to be as big as your friends’ homes. Concentrate on yourself and on your own needs.


Write three priorities in terms of home characteristics. What is more important for you – your house has plenty of open space and great cuisine, or are the excitement of the garage and the cabinet? Is it absolutely necessary to have a large closet? Maybe you always wanted an old house or are you a fan of new construction? Writing your priorities will help you focus on your search.

Proximity to the family

Do you want to live near your family? How close? The ideal distance between you and the parents of the mate is 90 minutes away by car (close enough to visit, but not so much as to surprise you with frequent visits without warning).

Travel to work

Think about how you will travel from home to work, as this is one of the main characteristics of quality of life. You Image of travel to workwill certainly not want to buy a home and spend all your time in your car

Tips for searching for properties

It is easy for the cosmetic deficiencies of the property you look to attract your attention, but the construction is more important. The rating of the property is to look beyond those items that can be easily repaired.

■ Terrible paint color (you will repaint)

■ Old fashioned wallpapers (easy to get rid of)

■ Ugly or stained carpets (you can easily change them)

■ The furniture of the seller (they will not be there when you apply)

■ Disorder (Imagine how the room will look like after you clean and arrange)

■ Ugly garden layout (you can change it)

Here’s what you need to worry about. (These things are hard to replace or will cost you a lot of money to support):

■ Visible damage of the conduit

■ Noise from neighbors or from the street

■ Lack of light

■ Mouse stools

■ General premises with neighbors

■ Window grilles (shows that there is a high crime rate in the area)

■ Too low ceilings (you can not change them)

■ Outdated kitchens and bathrooms (they can be repaired but expensive)

■ Poor sight (you will have it forever)

■ Old windows from which current flows (it will be expensive to change them)

Some important things you need to know

Except all these things about your new home you have to take care about your old property, especially if you live in rented house.

The perfect cleaning of the home will guarantee the return of your deposit

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