Happiness in a pot

How to start the day?

A woman has a thousand ways to start her day and all of them are wonderful. Whether you prepare coffee and breakfast for your loved ones or first will enjoy the sun outside does not matter. Women know how to use time wisely. Jobs always has. There is a time for fun. To save my precious time I prefer tasks that I don’t have to do alone transfer to someone else. Such a task is cleaning. I am a modern  woman and I think that every self-respecting woman should have a maid long as she can afford it. No matter whether it is a thorough cleaning of my home or any specific task I rely on Carpet cleaning Chelmsford.

Recently, I woke up with a clear desire that the upcoming day will use pragmatically with the idea to deliver a little joy. I drank my coffee, put on lipstick and got in the car. I decided I walk around London will not affect me at all bad. I love spontaneous walks. Sometimes you need to wander without purpose and direction.

I listened to my good music and not even calling up congestion caused by eternal repairs in the city. Nothing was able to spoil my mood. I parked behind sunglasses and began to enjoy the windows of small shops and the people with whom we disagree.

Everyone knows how much I love flowers.

After the last rose bushes planted some time ago in my garden nothing can stop me to get into a flower shop. There is always something to choose from there. My mood is still serene.

I walked into a small florist. The clerk was a nice girl, but this seemed somewhat ruefully. Before we ask what caused it, I noticed the reason – a woman with silicone lips, dressed in the obligatory “modern” print of leopard. Her breasts were so huge that any moment could go off like balloons. Then I heard the person in question to explain to the girl that the geranium is a rural flower and that under no circumstances would not have bought one.

Her yard had to be stylish and is a rural flavor to buying such flowers. At the same moment clouds hanging over my head. Tune woman would be a wonderful occasion my day to go to the movies, so I approached the girl and I said that I would buy all the pots with geraniums. The clerk smiled and gingerbread client looked at me like I am fallen from Mars. She pursed her lips and left the store.

I returned the smile of a girl. This fact made me feel even better after we exchanged a few pleasant words with her, I left the flower shop to continue with the walk. As they say, from the village you can escape, but the village in you – never. I walked in the direct center asked every detail of the cityscape. I walked slowly and surely I looked happy in the eyes of bystanders. Probably because the two plastic bags in which I wore “rural” flowers on the way to the car.