Clean, Prepare and Decorate the Guest Room Right Before the Holidays

The holidays are all about love and sharing and friendships, about commitment and treating the ones you love in the best way possible. You are meeting your family and friends then, you are gathering together. You are sharing emotions and sensations. You are cooking together, and baking together and having festive lunches and dinners. You are wrapping presents, you are giving presents and getting presents and opening them. You are together. And this means that you will have guests, that some of the people will stay overnight and you will catch up with them even better, having the chance to enjoy the cup of coffee and delicious breakfast in the morning. So before they arrive and before the hustle and bustle of Christmas wraps you, you better prepare the guest room properly.


Admit it or not, I am sure that everybody keeps things in that spare room that do not belong there. It is so much easier. hotel-1330850_640You are going home, dreaming of lying in your comfy bed and finally relaxing and you find it so facile to take your clothes in the guest room leaving them somewhere there – on the floor or on the bed. And step by step this rooms turns into a closet. And now this has to be changed. So sort everything out and arrange this place nicely.


This is a very important part, because when you are not actually using a room, you are not cleaning it, as well. however, before the guests arrive you need to remove the dust, to vacuum-clean, wash the windows, change the bed sheets and so on.


It is Christmas and you need to take this spirit into the guest room, as well. So make an effort.


DIY: Christmas cards and the main wrapping rules

December is coming and everything is getting red and white and Christmassy. The shops are full with decorations, the clothing ones with Christmas sweaters, the tasty gingerbread men and fruit cakes could be tried in the coffee shops on every corner and they delight the senses in the most precious way ever. Elfs and reindeers,christmas-210289_640 falling starts and Christmas trees are all around. The cities are all covered with lights, the magic is real and you are spending more and more time at home with the ones you love most. And while you are there, on the cosy sofa with a few cushions and at least one blanket, you are impressed and inspired by all those things outside that make this month the most wonderful among all the others. You want to create something and not only to buy. You have the desire and the time; you have the inspiration and the helpers. Nothing else is needed. Just a few tips and tricks about the easiest Christmas decorations you could and should indeed make this year. Because the present won’t be that lovely if it is in a simple bag and the name tag has nothing to do with the card you could simply create.

Christmas cards 

There is something lovely and charming in the handwriting. It says a lot about yourself, a lot more that your look and clothes and gadgets. Your handwriting is a reflection of yourself and if you use it to create achristmas-tree-1036490_640 card that you will give to someone so precious for you, then it will be personal and valuable and worthy. Moreover, it is classy. It looks fancy. So get a red paper and a nice silvery or gold pen. Write thereafter a wish and a name with the truest writing you have. It will be remembered.

Wrapping rule #1 

Choose carefully the paper. In the market today there are wonderful ones, so look for one that has a little bit colour, but not too much. It is ok even to choose a wrapping paper with the colour of a recycled one, because then you will be free to use all kinds of decorations to perfect the present. However, for the kids, choose one that has Father Christmas and reindeers and is an emanation of Christmas.

Wrapping rule #2 

Use something natural. It could be a leave or a piece of wood or anything else that is so natural that will make the package closer to you and more fancy, as well. All those decoration will go perfectly well with the plain wrapping paper.

Wrapping rule #3 

Perfect. You need some lovely bits and pieces that will bring the colour and the spirit to your presents. Here comes the card you have created, which you can stick on the present, or even better you can attach it with some nice ribbon. The result will be impressive in the end. And don’t worry if it is not as perfect as you wanted to be. What matters is that you did it all by yourself.